Jean Oh, Roboticist


Jean Oh is a roboticist whose research interests are focused on creating high level artificial intelligence for autonomous robots. General research areas include intelligent robotics, autonomous systems, perception, machine learning, and integrated systems.  She has over 20 years of extensive experience in developing intelligent systems in commercial, government, and defense projects. Jean works as a project scientist at National Robotics Engineering Center/Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, where she is leading two projects, ARL Robotics CTA and DARPA ALIAS.  [Here is Jean's CMU RI webpage].

Contact Information:
National Robotics Engineering Center / Carnegie Mellon University,
Ten 40th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201, Room 275 / NSH 4521 (on campus)

Ph.D., Language & Information Technologies, 2009
School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

M.S., Computer Science, 1997
School of Engineering & Applied Science, Columbia University
New York, NY

B.S., Biotechnology, 1993
School of Engineering, Yonsei University
Seoul, Korea

Anirudh Vemula (RI MS student), co-advise with Katharina Muelling
Sz-Rung Shiang (LTI MS student), co-advise with Anatole Gershman, Jaime Carbonell
Junjie Hu (LTI MS student), co-advise with Anatole Gershman, Jaime Carbonell

Research Highlights in Videos:
For more videos, visit Jean's Intelligent Robotics YouTube channel here (Just created!).

Project Andy: Instructing robot arms via speech commands

Robot following verbal instructions

RCTA Capstone 2014: Screen the back door.

RCTA: Semantic Navigation

RCTA: Semantic Navigation (Robot's view)

What's New:
- We are filming outdoor navigation behaviors to create a user study for collecting human interpretation of navigation commands and natural language corpus of robot behavior. 

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